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Butt Buddy

Butt Buddy

No More Wasting That Partially Smoked Cigarette!

Join The Thousands Of Others Who Are Saving Money With The Butt Buddy!

Butt Buddy

SMOKERS Start Saving!

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Don't Waste It...Smoke It...Snuff It...Smoke It Later!

Preserves Freshness ~ No More Smelly Butt ~ Compact & Easy to Use ~ Great Gift

Gone are the days of storing that smelly half-smoked cigarette in your pack.
Gone are the days of trying to fetch it back out for smoking!

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Twist open
Place the lit end of your smoke into the bottom cap ~ it is extinguished in seconds!
Screw your Butt Buddy closed and clip it to your pocket or purse for later.

Secure Credit Card Payment & Checkout Below

Butt Buddy

Order A Case Of 16 Butt Buddys
(4 Red 4 Blue 4 Silver & 4 Black)

Will Ship To The Contiguous (Lower 48 States) USA Only

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